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 We have an extensive of  library of 3D models for jewelry like crosses, rings, pendants, earrings you can choose from.  Visit our gallery and select the piece you need.  We'll be happy to provide you an original wax.


CAD/CAM Systems: 

If you are looking for an easy to learn and easy to use CAD/CAM System or need training on your current CAD System, we'll be glad to help you. Our goal is to make you successful in the Custom Jewelry segment of your business...

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Training on CAD/CAM Systems and 3D Milling for Jewelry:

Personalized, private,  one-on-one training on CAD for Jewelry, in your office/shop or on-line.

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Wax Models:


-  Send us your or your customer's designs and we will produce the wax for you.  Before we produce any wax, we will send you a picture with a 3D rendering of your piece for your approval.  If you need a final piece we can also do the casting, stone setting and polishing at very competitive prices.


Stamping Metal Molds:

- Custom stamping/embossing dies from your designs or from our library of models.  Click here to see sample stamping molds.


CAD Files:

- We have an extensive library of 3D models, relieves, toolpaths.  Your time is your most valuable asset.  Don't spend time making a 3D model if you can get it from our library.  Visit our library of 3D models for sale and send us an e-mail with your selection


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For more information call Ernie at 770-262-4462